This wedding took place on the premises of Windblown Studio.

A wedding in July 2008

July 10, a private wedding was held on the property of Windblown Studio. It was a small, simple ceremony in the pine woods. Because the bride wore high heels and the pine woods were covered in soft pine needles, we decided it would be nice if she rode in on a horse. The neighbor was kind enough to provide the horse and while the groom waited in the woods, the father-in-law lead the bride through the woods to meet him.

walking down the road to the horse



The father-in-law and the bride walking down the road to meet the horse.










While the minister was walking to the wedding site where the groom waited,...











The bride was coming down the road












Father-in-law leading horse with bride through the woods to the wedding site




groom waiting in woods


Groom sees bride for first time with wedding dress on.











Click Here to see a video of the groom greeting the bride

(You will be downloading 6 meg of data for windows media player (.wmv file)







Guest watching ceremony






the horse




The horse also watched







bride and groom bride





The bride and groom after the ceremony.











The family after the ceremony











All who attended the ceremony.







Groom leading bride back home.







horse eating flowers





Horse eating flowers






bride and groom after wedding





Bride and groom back home









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