Building our House/Studio


view from roadBuilding your own place can be expensive, hard work and traumatic, but it can also be cost efficient, rewarding, and gratifying.

Before we started to build our own house, we were told horror stories about how difficult it is on a relationship or a marriage. However, we have found that it has been a wonderful experience. It has made our relationship stronger and better.

We would have loved to do all the building ourselves, but we are both over 60 and found it best to act as owner/builders and use local talent to help. We had an Amish crew build the post and beam frame and roof. A local contractor helped with the rest of the work.


This site has set of web pages that are intended to share our building experience with friends and family. The intent is to document, inform, entertain and educate others about our experiences. The web pages are created for ease of viewing for those of us who have a slow (dial-up) internet connection.

The about page tells you the general concepts about the building.

The Building plans page shows the elevation and floor plans.

The preparation work page shows the work we did to the site to prepare for building.

There are a set of pages showing progress for each month:

Sept ' 05: - Amish crew starts - foundation and exterior walls.

Oct '05 - Amish crew builds interior posts and beams, upper walls.

Nov '05 - Amish crew builds rafters and installs metal roof

Dec '05 - Amish crew finishes, Lemmon crew starts - under slab preparation, plumbing and heating work

Jan '06, Lemmon crew - slab, heat, interior walls.

Feb '06 - Lemmon crew - rough electric and plumbing.

Mar '06. - Weatherizing - insulation, exterior doors, start sheet rock

Apr '06: - Sheet rock, upper ceiling, walls

May '06: - Finishing work, porch pouring

Jun '06: - More finishing - painting and siding

July '06 - Installing Sinks, more painting

Aug '06 - Still more painting, kitchen, upper core lights

Sep '06 - When will the work be done?

Oct '06 - Final work before occupancy permit.

Nov' 06 - Finally!

There are various pictures that were just worth sharing. You can see them by month at f Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec.Jan '06, Feb '06 , Mar '06, Apr '06, May '06, Jun '06, Jul '06, Aug '06, Sep '06, Nov '06

Feel free to browse through these pages and email us if you have questions or comments.

As susal, spelling mistakes are my own, and poitnint them out is welcome. (Humor is also my own and smiling is allowed when viewing these pages.)

Other links that you may want to visit are:

The Clay House - Our pottery studio and gallery where you can learn to make your own pottery or just buy some.

The Potters' Tour - a group of local potters who need you to stop, visit, browse and buy some pots.

Keith Specialty Store - A local store where you can find plumbing, heating, electric supplies and friendly, knowledgeable people who actually like helping you.

The Shelter Institute - A place in Main where you can learn to build a house and find the confidence to do it yourself.


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