Building Progress - September, 2005

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Various pictures for this month

Sept 8, 2005

The first day the Amish came to build, the site was level and waiting. You can see the stakes of the building corners. Soon after they arrived, the backhoe arrived to dig footers for the block foundation and posts. The white thing you see in the background (north) is a pipe showing us where the septic tank is. North is the top of the picture, East is right, South is bottom and West is left. This picture was taken early morning just after sunup. Others are taken at the end of the day.



Sept 8.- end of day.

Foundation footers dug, interior posts dug. The truck belongs to the backhoe operator, the holes in the middle that look like craters are footers for the posts. The line around them will be the foundation. We had 40 tons of stone delivered that will be used to fill the trench after the block is laid.





Sept 9:

Footers and interior post footers were poured and the foundation blocks delivered. Look closely and you can see that holes in the middle have been filled with cement. They are the post footers.




Sept 12:


Part of foundation block laid. What blocks that are missing from the picture the day before have been laid in the trench. The west wall is done as far as the 10" blocks. The foundation is 4 blocks deep of 10" wide blocks and the top layer will be 6" block.




Sept 13:

Most of the foundation block is laid. Blueboard was delivered to insulate the foundation walls.








Sept 14:

Foundation complete, drain pipe in around footer, backfilled with gravel, and filter fabric on top of gravel. Skid steer delivered. Sheathing and 2x6 lumber delivered.





Sept 15 - day off - Amish had to work someplace else.


Sept 16:

Interior posts pier forms in place. Gravel placed around foundation.







Sept 19:

(It rained the evening before). Interior piers poured.







Sept 20 - 22

Missed taking pictures. The porch post footers were dug (using the skid steer with an auger). Then the footers were poured. They didn't order enough cement and the minimal order is 4 cubic yards and they only needed about 1 yard. So, we purchased a hunk of cement bags and they spent two days mixing cement to finish the footers and the porch piers. It did rain one day, making it muddy, so more stone was brought in and put in the building so the Amish could work without sinking into the mud.

Sept 23.

Today they built the two 8'X20' foot walls. They are lying down and will be raised later.







Sept 26:

It rained all day, heavy. The Amish refused to not work. They took the scaffolding that I had picked up the weekend before and made a lean-to of sorts, got out the power saws, set up shop under the lean-to and cut 2X6's for walls all day. I didn't get a picture.

Sept 27:

Today, the sun shone all day. The Amish put up the two 8'X10' walls and a small 8'X8' wall in the north side (far side of the picture). Then it took 6 Amish and 2 English to raise the 11` high X 44' long wall that is also on the north side.

You can see the scaffolding covered with tarps that they used the day before to stay dry. Today they used it to block the sun for most of the day. They also built another 11'x44' wall that is lying down on the South wall, which will be raised tomorrow morning. We also got 40 more tons of stone on the driveway (I think that is a total of 120 tons of stone). We also got more 2X6 lumber. Wow! What progress!


Sept 28:

The 44' wall that was lying down in the Sept 27 picture was raised in the morning, but I didn't get a picture. In the afternoon they build the 48' east wall that is actually the front of the building and later the next day they raised it.


Sept 29:

Around 1:30, we called a few friends and six Amish and four English raised the 48 foot wall.

It looks sunny in this picture, but after midnight, we got a series of thunderstorms that moved in with a cold front. We had gusts of winds up to 55 mph and if you look a the building from the West, where the wind was coming from, you will see why I didn't sleep that evening. When I picked up the Amish at 6:00 am, we all wondered if the walls would be still standing when we arrived at the site.

When we arrived at the site, we all were relieved to see the walls still standing. That day they built the west walls.



Sept 30:

The Amish built the 64' west wall in two pieces. The middle of it will be framed to contain a 3' door bordered with two 3' X 7' windows.

This picture was actually taken the morning of Oct 1. There was some dew and moisture on the camera lens. It may look like a small building until you see Rita in the back west doorway (which will be the back door to our living quarters).

This is all the exterior walls on the main level. There are more pictures on the 'pictures' page.

The next step is to put up the interior 10" x 10" X 12' posts and beams. I'm going to create a new page for this progress since it will take a long time to load the web page if I don't.

So, for October progress go to October Progress pages.