Building Progress - October, 2005

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Every day, after I take the Amish home, I walk up the hill overlooking the building and take a picture. This documents the progress of the building from the same location.

You can also see about the building or the building plans or the prepration work or various pictures.

I think I also need to start a page to share building with the Amish stories. When I get it done, I'll put up a link to it. If you got to this page directly, you can see the earlier progress steps by going to the progress - Sept page.

Comments, (donations) are welcome. Due to the hurricanes in the south, our material costs are up about 40%. But, that's another store.

Oct 3.




Time to put up the post and beams. Below is a close up. On Monday they put up three posts and three beams.













Oct 4

Since most of the work going on now is inside, it is hard to see the progress from the view on top of the hill. So, I guess I have to include some inside pictures. On Tuesday, they put up three more posts and beams.







View from top of the sacred 24' east side.






This was taken from on top of the beam in the front. Today we had a discussion on the 'cowboys', as Rita calls them. They are the braces from the posts to the beams. She wants 4x6, the Amish want 2X10. We think the 4X6 or nothing will work. Stay tuned to see how the discussion comes out. To see another view visit the pictures page for Oct 4.

Oct 5.

The Sacred 24 foot square has posts and beams. Rita sits atop it on the south side.









Oct 10:



A few days of rain, cloudy, dark days passed, but the Amish worked on. They got more posts and beams done.







Oct 16.

A week has passed, the interior posts and beams are done and the porch posts and beams are also done!


If you want to see a close up of the porch posts and beams click here. If you want to see another view of the posts and beams from the back door view, click here.



Then it rained..


Oct 19

For a few days, it rained. The Amish do work in the rain sometimes and they got one of the upper walls up by Oct 19.

It was too dark to take a picture that evening, so the next picture was taken in the morning mist. Too bad I didn't get there for the sunrise.

The upper walls sit on the beams in the inner core that measures 24 feet by 24 feet. There will be a hip roof on these walls that will be a pyramid. It will be open to above. This is what we call the 'Sacred 24'. It is the space in the middle of the studio that will be open in the 24 foot square posts and beams and open to the pyramid that will peak to 24 feet above. Nothing will exist in that space permanently. Windows around the upper wall will let light into the studio below.

It begs to be climbed.


The week of Oct 17 - 22, there were only three work days. By the end of the week they had three walls up.

Oct 22:



I didn't get to the site until the morning of Oct 22. This was the picture from my normal position in the morning rain, but the real view was from the front. (below)







Three of the walls were up and the Amish had erected a scaffold to help install the walls. The scaffold rose over 24 feet to above the upper wall.

It was calling for me to climb it and take a picture.



So I did.





Once I got control of my fear of heights, I took a few pictures from there.

One pictures shows the "Cowboys", as Rita calls them that were installed the last week. They are the supports between the posts and beams (yes, Johanna, they are 4"X6" supports.) They provide additional support to hold the weight and provide 'anti-racking' for the building.



Here are some more pictures I took up there after my hands stopped shaking.

Mouse over this picture to see a closeup.








Then I tucked the camera in my jacket pocket and climbed down the scaffolding.




The Amish crew didn't work on Oct 24 due to heavy rain, cold. It was too dangerous working up that high on wet, slippery wood. They will be back on site Oct 26.

We can't wait until the final wall is complete and the rafters start being installed.

Oct 25 - 26.

Wisely, work was cancelled on Oct 25. It actually rained, snowed, and rained again. Since my Amish crew have work to do at another site that is inside and it looked like more rain, they decided to work there on Oct 26 as well.

I did go to the site the morning of Oct 26. When I arrived, I found the tarp shown in the picture above loaded with water. There was about 80 gallons dripping down on a stack of plywood worth about $2500. I was not able to remove the water from the tarp, but I was able to cover the plywood to protect it from the dripping water and the possibility of a burst tarp and a drenching.

The good news for Oct 26 is that Verizon finally got our land-line installed and working. Also, we took a peek at our spring overflow and it was flowing at an unbelievable rate. Of course, I didn't have my camera with me. I'll get some pictures tomorrow morning.

The Amish should be back on site Oct 27.

Oct 27:

The pictures below show the water collected in the tarp. Since this is the space where the final wall was to be built, the first task was to remove the water and tarp.


The last wall was the fourth wall of the upper 24 foot square. Since Rita designed this space as special, it was only appropiate that she helped raise it. We couldn't get a picture of her doing this, since the Amish do not like having their picture taken and they had helped raise it also, but later that day, I did climb up to where she was and took a picture looking down inside.

If you put your mouse over the picture on the right, you can view the building from the ground looking up at it.

The inspector visited the site today and was very approving of the work done to date. He was impressed with the brackets we had made to hold the hip rafter on the cornor of the 24 upper square. Elmer, the head Amish, calls these brackets 'kites' which you will understand if you click here to see them.


Oct 28:

The work today was installing rafters. The crew started installing rafters that went from the porch wall to the exterior wall. These are actually part of the roof line that will go around the house and run from the porch beams to the upper core wall. They got 3/4 of the rafters installed by the end of the week.

The view from the up on the hill is not the best place to see the rafters. Below is another view and there are more on the pictures page.

Oct 31:

Due to the time change (setting the clocks back one hour) it now gets dark too early for me to take a picture at the end of the day. The next picture was actually taken in the morning of Nov 1, hence the sunrise in the background.

With the rafters going up now, the building is taking on it final shape. There are actually three sets of rafters: the lower ones that go over the porch, the middle ones that go over the main 48x48 building, then the upper rafters that cover the sacred 24x24 upper core. In this picture you see the lower rafters installed all over. What you can't see easily are the middle rafters that are installed on the south side. Mouse over the picture to see them from the south.


This is the last update for the progress in Oct. To see more work, visit the progress page for November. (Wait until November to do that.)