Building Progress - November, 2005

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Nov 1:

After dropping the Amish off at the building site, Rita and I went to Pittsburgh to visit a place called Construction Junction. We found four used doors that we will recycle and use in the building. We had arranged to have someone else take the Amish home at 3:30 (the end of their work day). We arrived at the building site at 9:30 pm to unload the doors and wandered around inside building in awe. From what we could see in the dark with lights from the van, all the middle rafters had been installed. We'll get a picture up as soon as we can get one taken in daylight.


Nov 2:

This is what we saw when we drove out to pick up the Amish at 3:00 on Nov 2. The sheathing is up on 60% of the lower roof.

Inside, it is getting darker with the rafters covered. This view is just inside the front studio door looking toward the left (North).

Nov 3:





The upper walls got sheathing and Tyvek covering. The upper king rafters were cut and prepared to install.




Nov 4:


In the morning, the Amish started by installing the upper roof king rafters, and later in the afternoon they installed all the upper rafters and 1/4 of the roof sheathing.

Check the November pictures pages to see the inside of the peak of the upper roof.






Nov 11:


While I took a short trip to visit my sister in Indianapolis, Rita and the crew finished the upper roof, cut the windows out and started to install the upper windows. They also installed the purlins on the lower roof to get ready for the lower metal roof.

This picture was taken just before the end of the day, Nov 11.




Nov 12:


No Amish worked on Saturday, but I did take some pictures from the inside. Rita and I climbed up the scoffolding that allowed us to look out the upper windows. I took a picture from there, then I climbed down and took a picture from the ground looking up. Mouse over this picture to get the other view.

There is also another view taken from inside that can be seen on the Nov pictures page.



Nov 14:



The lower roof is feeling much better now, getting covered with metal knowing that rain and snow may be comming soon.

The question is: will the rain hold off long enough for the Amish to finish the cornors?


Stay tunded.



Nov 16:under roof

It rained for two days off and on. It is not good to work on a metal roof when it is raining, and Nov 16 was the last day the Amish full crew would be available to work on our site for the rest of the year. They have hunting to do before winter sets in, other work to do and their own holidays to celebrate.

They did, however, get all the metal up but a small part of the hip cap and but the didn't have enough time to get all the windows installed. That work will happen before real cold weather sets in (even as I write this on Nov 16, it is going down to the mid 20's tonight). We are under roof and a new phase of the building now starts - the work to get heat in the building.


Nov 16- 24:


From the 16th to the 24th, work continued when possible. Windows were installed and the posts and beams were painted with an oil preservative to retard the drying process. This helps reduce the cracking and twisting of the posts and beams due to them drying out.






Nov 25 - Nov 30:

Thanksgiving, opening of deer season, driving rain, then cold and snow slowed progress. While the Amish focused on getting deer , I spent the rest of November digging trenches for water and gas lines outside, and trenches inside for electric, plumbing and electric conduit that will be placed under the slab.

Getting three inches of rain didn't help much when water filled the trenches. Then it turned cold and snowed. But we continued to work to get the water line into the building from the spring. The gas line was installed and turned on. We connected a small heater someone loaned us and rented a 165,000 BTU torperdo kerosene heater in an attempt to keep the ground inside from freezing. Click here to see more pictures of trenches inside the building.


This is the end of the November progress. Click on December progress to see work performed then or click on building to go to home page.