Building Progress - March, 2006

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Various pictures for this month

March 03, 2006:


The first week of March, we focused on getting the first few rows of sheetrock installed on the lower ceiling. This is in preparation for the insulation being blown in starting March 14. The ceiling on the left starts at 11 feet and continues up to 16 feet off the floor. Even though it isn't very high, it is still tricky to get a 8x10 sheet up over 11 feet high and hold it up while someone screws in sheetrock screws.

There are days when three of us installed 10 sheets and there are days when we only got two sheets installed.







March 11:

Here you see Rita sitting enjoying the progress made this week. The pictures are not very exciting, but after installing 40 sheets, we did feel like we accomplished a lot.

The areas where we didn't install sheetrock will be covered with mesh and used as access to blow the insulation over the sheetrock.

You can also see the double doors stacked between the windows, we found at an antique shop for the front door. They are solid oak and very heavy. They were originally installed in a church in a nearby town. While the three of us were hanging sheetrock, Doug and his crew finished the rough plumbing, installed some temporary lights, and hung the back doors shown below.



These doors are actually one center door with two side lights that open about 10 inches. These doors are not fully installed and they will need some refinishing, but they were free and that price can't be beat!








Another accomplishment this week was to find the dog we have been wanting for some time. She is a yellow lab and is about 1 1/2 years old. She was a stray that someone took in and couldn't keep. She has adapted well to the openness around the building and has been helping us pick up lumber scraps in the building. She is very affectionate and smart.

This picture was taken after fetching a stick about 50 times, running about a mile, taking a dip in the pond (getting really muddy), getting hosed off with 40 degree water, and following the trails of various animals.

Princess is a wonderful dog and will be a great addition to the place.


March 15:nuwood installation

I suspect seeing insulation being installed is about as exciting as watching grass grow. However, for us it is a milestone.

Yesterday three young men came and tacked up mesh and Tyvek. The Tyvek is installed where we will have tongue and groove wood installed for the finished ceiling. The mesh is where sheetrock willl be installed.

Today, two young men blew cellulose insulaltion into the cavities between the rafters. They got the core ceiling and about 1/2 of the outer ceilings done before stopping for the day.

Not only does it help to keep in the heat, but it also works as a sound barrier. By the end of the day, with the building only half insulated, I could tell the difference.




wall insulation

While the Nuwood guys blew insulation into the ceilings, my stepson, Eric, and I have spent the the last few days installing fiberglas batt insulation in the exterior walls.

The walls hold 5 1/2 inches of fiberglas that has an R21 rating. The ceiling with the Nuwood and solar guard will total about R39.






While we worked on insulation, Doug Lemmon and his crew hung doors and installed vents.

At the end of the day, around sunset time, I captured the light shining in the rear doors that they hung a few days ago. The sunlight stretches through the living room into the studio toward the front doors.

Below is an exterior view of the front doors.



March 22:sheetrock waiting

While we were in New England, we had 35 4'x12' sheets of sheetrock and 120 tongue-and-groove pine boards delivered.

We returned just in time to help unload another 100 sheets of 4'x8' sheetrock.


The sheetrock is for the walls and the lower ceiling; the pine boards are for the upper ceiling. Before the wood could be installed, it needed to be stained.

March 26:

We belong to the "The Garden Party" which is a loosely formed group of people who share an interest in gardening, home projects, music and partying.

Once a month they come to a member's house and work on a project. After a few hours of work they break out their instruments, set up pot luck food and party.

The weekend we returned from New England we hosted March's Garden Party at our building site. One of the tasks was staining the pine boards that will be installed on the upper ceiling.



March 26-30:

Installing sheetrock in the lower ceiling after the Nuwool was installed is challenging. Not only are the pieces of sheetrock cut at odd shapes and we are working at over 12 feet in the air, but as we pushed the sheetrock up to screw it onto the rafters, the Nuwood is putting pressure on it to keep it away from the rafters. The smaller pieces of sheetrock take two people to install, and the 4x8 sheets take three people to install.

The picture at the right shows one ceiling corner done. Since there were only two us hanging sheetrock, we decided to work on the walls for a while. We would wait for more help before tackling the 4x8 sheets up on the ceilings.

In one day, two of us got most of the bedroom walls sheetrocked.

As March was coming to a close, we got a taste of spring: the temperature rose to 70 degrees. Eric donned shorts and got the job of installing the insulation in the upper walls. His legs itched for a day or two afterwards but the insulation of all exterior walls was done.







March Summary:

At the begining of March, I thought the month would be mostly sheetrock work. As it turned out, the month was mostly weatherizing. We got the exterior walls insulated, the ceiling insulated, the exterior doors installed, and just a start at the sheetrock. As April brings warming tempatures, we should finish the sheetrock work and we should pour cement on the porch.