Building Progress - June, 2006


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There were milestones in June. First, we finished the last of the sheet rock joint compound. We started the siding. We also worked on sanding, priming, and painting the walls and ceilings.



All-in-all, we used 27 - 5-gallon buckets of joint compound.

At 60 pounds each, that's over 1600 pounds of joint compound applied to over 20 thousand pounds of sheet rock.







While the crew put mud on the sheet rock, Rita made pottery from mud.







It is not fun for a guy who is fearful of high places to work twelve feet in the air, sanding, priming and painting.











But the back rubs afterwards by Rita are great!

Note the color of the kitchen wall!









There was one day where the crew had to wait for siding to be delivered, so they worked on assembling the kitchen cabinets that we purchased from Ikea.









There were also times where we just enjoyed our new porch.


Here Rita is teaching our dog the fine art of wine, cheese and grapes tasting.





The siding is a fiber cement board by Hardiplank. We decided on this siding because of it's longevity, stability, waterproof, bug resistance, low maintenance, and fire proof characteristics.

We used 6 1/4 " wide planks with a 5" exposure. They come in 12 foot lengths and come pre-primed.

We used Azek boards for trim. It was more expensive than using wood trim, but it never rots, warp, twist, cup or split.

Both Hardiplank and Azek help us meet our goal of having a building that we don't have to do major maintenance on when we are 80 years old.