Building Progress - February 2006

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Various pictures for this month

During February, we failed to take pictures and update this web site frequently. Even though pictures were taken about weekly, we didn't update this page until three weeks into the month. There is one advantage of this. The progress in three weeks is much more noticeable than that in a day or two.

In the past three weeks, we drilled over 400 holes to install about 3000 feet of wiring, 158 electrical boxes, 300 feet of Pex water lines, and 100 feet of CPVC water lines. We also finished building the interior walls, connecting the last heating zone, bleached 2,192 square feet of walls to kill mold, installed 60 blocks of wood between rafters, swept up about 20 gallons of sawdust, and installed our second exterior door. We also had the rough electrical and mechanical instpections approved. The following are the progress pictures.



This view is from the kitchen, looking through the pantry stud walls and showing the second installed exterior door.








This channel runs from the system room to the bathroom complex just above the interior wall that separates the living quarters from the studio. In the channel we ran one inch copper heat pipes to the heating zone for the bedroom and bathroom. We also ran electric wires, TV coax cable, phone lines and CPVC water lines.

One more water line will be run. It will be a 1/2 inch PEX water line that will be connected to a pump in the systems room to circulate the hot water from the manifold (below) in the bathroom complex to the hot water tank in the systems room. That way, when we get up in the morning and turn on the shower, we won't have to wait for the hot water to get from the systems room to the shower, some 60 feet away.






This is the view of the two manifolds that will distribute water to the bathrooms, shower, toliets, and laundry room. There are seven hot water connections and ten cold ones.

The PEX tubing haning in the foreground will be connected to the manifolds next week. If you look carefully, you can see the overhead fans and lights in the bathroom and the electric box and lines in the interior walls.


If you trace any wire, it will end up either in a electric box, a switch box, or in one of two circuit panels in the house. See pictures of these below:







Finally, there is the work that needs to be done way up high. The upper rafters need to have some 2x4's nailed to the king rafters, so the interior ceiling finish (sheet rock or tongue and groove wood planks) can be attached firmly. On Feb 24th, we started installing these 2x4's. Below is a picture taken from the floor, looking up, and another taken zoomed in to see the four 2x4''s installed. This work was done by a guy who has acquired a fear of heights in his old age (me- the Webmaster). I can report that the scaffold did shake when my legs shook while I was nailing on the 2x4's up there. And my legs still shook after climbing down with them firmly planted on the solid concrete floor.










Feb 28:

On the last day of Feburary, we finished installing the stringers in the upper core (legs still shaking) and started installing the sheetrock on the lower ceiling (muscles now aching).

This work is in prepration for the ceiling insulation work that is scheduled to be blown in the middle of March.






This is the last update for February. March will bring visible changes as we plan to get sheetrock up on the ceiling and walls.