Building Progress - December

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Various pictures for this month


Since much of the work planned for December will be inside, I stopped taking pictures from the same position outside and took pictures of where the progress was happening.

Dec 1 - 9:

With the arrival of December was also the arrival of unseasonably cold weather. To keep the inside ground (and the workers) from freezing, we connected the gas line inside the building and hooked up a 150,000 BTU heater.











That allowed us to work inside putting in the under-slab sewer and drain lines, conduit for wire and gas runs, and anything else that needed to be put under the slab.

The S&D lines were pressure tested and the inspector appproved them. We then continued to fill the trenches, level the floor with 2B and pea gravel.

The Amish have finished their commitment and we were pleased to get Doug Lemmon and his crew to help with the plumbing and continuing work.



After the pea gravel is leveled, the floor got tamped firm with a vibrating tamper.








Dec 19 -21:


We continued to prepare to pour cement. We installed a vapor barrier over the pea gravel and then laid down 1" foam insulation.





Dec 22:inside picture of insulation with wire mesh

On Dec 22, the insulation was completed and the wire mesh was laid. It will hold the radiant tubing. But the best part of Dec 22 was the sunset. It was fantastic! Go to Dec. pictures to see more picture of it.











Dec 24- 26:

Christmas eve, we started puting down the radiant floor. The picture right is the bedroom area.

The picture below is part of the living room and was taken on Dec 26. Yes, Virginia, we did take a day off for Christmas.

Dec 27:


More radiant heat tubing was installed. Here Doug Lemmon is snaking PEX tubing through conduit. Tomorrow all this tubing will be connected to a manifold.






Dec 28:manifolds

The manifolds are connected, pressure tested and the inspector approved the work.

We laid over 4600 feet of tubing. There are three zones: the one for the studio includes 11 runs, the one for the bedroom is two runs and the living area is five runs. Each run is between 250 and 300 feet of tubing.

The manifold pictured is for the studio zone.

We started installing the key ways and expansion joints. Key ways will be used to separate areas to pour cement and provide stress relief. Expansion joints will be used around the posts in order to separate the cement floor and the post footers.




Dec 31:

A sea of red on the floor is the radiant floor tubing. The gray lines are the key ways. Since the key ways will be visible, Rita decided to make a design with them in the "sacred 24" area. In all areas, but the middle 24 foot square, the key ways will run between each post. In the middle there will be a five foot square of key ways and key ways running from each post to the square, including diagonal key ways from the corner posts to the corner of the five foot square.

Not all the key ways are installed so we can roll wheelbarrows of cement over the floor area.The red tubing sticking up are temporary flags noting the stakes for the key ways that are not installed. These, hopefully, will keep us away from hitting them with the wheelbarrows.



So, as it worked out, December was "Under-slab" month. Starting Jan, 2006, we will pour cement and continue with inside work. See Progress in Jan for more updates.