Building Progress - October, 2006


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I think it was the morning of my birthday when I woke looked out our back door and saw this moon setting over our corn field. Great way to start the day.



Oct 1 -10


Worked on installing island lights. Of course it wasn't as simple as just installing the light fixture. I had to make a box that was installed below the beam to hold the junction box for the wire comming out of the beam. Then I had to make a box to hold the light fixture junction box, and connect them with rigid conduit.

I also worked on other 'piddlie' things like door knobs, shower tile, outside grading, pocket doors, door trim, and cleaning up.




Work on the building does slow down for a number of reasons. One has to do with the cutting back on our local contractor help. This is because we had to budget our money closer so much of the remainding work falls on the two of us. The other reason also has to do with money. We did not turn down the opportunity to make money. The weekend of Oct 27, we taught six women who decided to take a mini-class as a group adventure. They were great students and everyone had a great time. Pots they made in the mini-class were finished after they went home and sent to them. We call it a 'Clay Experience'.




The next day we held a Raku firing for some of the students and local friends. The weather was cool, windy and rainy. We found the van works well as a wind break.







As October ends, the goal is to get our final inspection and occopancy permit. Not much can be accompished when both work full time jobs and get to work on our time off.