Building Progress - November, 2006


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As cooler weather approaches, our outdoor showers become a bit uncomfortable. This puts more pressure on us to finished the shower inside. We also need it for the final inspection. Here Rita is putting the final touches on applying grout in the shower.





Rita also increases her teaching load, so the amount of activity increases as we approach the time we need the final inspection done.

Rita also makes her own pottery for selling in the local area, the IUP pottery sale and for the Clay House.

Now, work on the building has to content with more students, firings, and pottery everywhere.

Of course November also brought house guests, a new kitten kitten, moving out of the Clay House, and Thanksgiving.

A piece of advice here - don't plan to move out of a house, get your final inspection and have Thanksgiving at the same time. It's not good for peace of mind or Thanksgiving dinner.







With all the presure on her to make pottery, teach classes, sell pots, take care of the animals, and work toward the final inspection, there are times where Rita feels that she is carrying this heaving load on her shoulders.



Our new digital camera was able to capture this feeling.








We got the shower functional. Thank goodness, for taking a shower in sub freezing tempatures in not fun! We moved stuff from the Clay House to our new place and finally, on Novembe 21, the inspector was invited to do the final inspection.






All our fears of him not approving our work were put to rest. We passed the final inspection and were given the occpancy permit. As of that date, we are offically a home!

From the time the permit was issued, it took one year, two months, 16 days and well over $100,000 to build our house. Of course work is still needed like finishing floors, painting trim, a shower door, landscaping and more. The ride was great!

Now that the building is done, we'll go into maintenance and improvment mode. Like most homeowners, working on the house is never really done. But we'll turn your foucs now to other activities.

The building is named Windblown Studio - a place where people can, relax, learn, and be creative.