Various Picture - September


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Charlie inspects the site.

Deer at sunset. This will be the view from our living quarters.

The drain trench to take water away from the footers.

The earthmover helped speed moving the dirt from the high end to the low end.

The above is the foundation with my shadow.

The above is one of they may sunsets we see from the back door area.

Water flows in the tank


First 11' 4" wall raised. It was 44 feet long and took 6 Amish and 2 English to raise.

The south wall is above. Note the 5 1/2" X 10" posts inserted into the wall. These posts will be used to hold up the beams from the inside core.

The wind blows from the west down the hill. The morning of Sept 28, we had thundershowers and gusts of wind up to 55 mph. It blew down the hill into the opening to blow against the walls. The good news is that when we arrived that morning, the walls were still standing.







Oct 4th., with five posts and 13 beams up, the scared core is taking place. The scared core is the 24'x24' that is in the middle of this house and will rise up 26 feet. This view is taken from the back door opening.







This is how the beams are attached. 1/2 inch rebar driven from the top through the beams into the posts, then the butt jointed beams are screwed at an angle with 3/8 X 8" lag screws and bracketed with 1/4 inch angle iron screwed in with 3/8 X 4" lag screws. They ain't moving honey!