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Oct 5:



This is how the beams are attached. 1/2 inch rebar driven from the top through the beams into the posts, then the butt jointed beams are screwed at an angle with 3/8 X 8" lag screws and bracketed with 1/4 inch angle iron screwed in with 3/8 X 4" lag screws. They ain't moving honey!






Oct 15: all the interior posts and beams are done. Temporary supports are nailed in place. They will be removed when the rough cut Hemlock 4x6 braces are installed.





Oct 14:

This is the view from the North-East cornor of the front porch looking toward the South-East cornor. Again, temporary braces are in place until the rafters are installed.







Oct 27:

In this picture, Rita is on the ground, but earlier that day, she was up on the beams helping raise the last upper wall. The picture was taken from about where she was standing when the wall was raised.






This is a picture of one of the brackets that will be used to tie the hip rafters on the upper roof to the cornor of the walls. Elmor calls these brackets 'kites' since that is what they look like.





Oct 28- 29

New England claims to have wonderful fall colors. After living in New Englang for a number of years, I don't disagree, however Western Pennsylvania's fall color is as wondeful as any I've seen in New England. The last weekend in October unloaded what may be the last load of hemlock and snapped the following fall colors.

Click over this picture to see a wider view, showing the rafters and fall colors.

The picture below I call "space waiting for rafters".