Various Pictures - November, 2005


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Rafters at the peak of the upper roof: (taken end of the day on Nov 4th). Mouse over to see a close up.








Clouds over the house are wonderful!












In this next picture taken Nov 12th, Rita appears to be waiting for either the bedroom to be built or the bathroom.





The last week of November, we dug trenches outside for the water line from the spring to the house, then dug more trenches to remove water from water line trench. We also dug trenches inside for contuit, sewer and drain lines, and water lines. Here are some of the pictures of these trenches.



The trench on the left was dug to remove rain water that laid in the ditch were we had to dig the water line trench.

The skidsteer trencher we rented is sitting in the background in the snow.



The picture on the right is the water line trench. Click over the picture to see the inside trench.






The left trench is for the conduit that will carry the 200 amp electric wire into the buidling.

The trenches on the right are for the sewer and drain lines for the bathrooms, shower and sinks.