Building Pictures - March, 2006


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March 3- 11:




After a week of hanging sheet rock, on Saturday, I took a break and worked out side burning scrap lumber and playing with the dog. At the end of the day we snapped this picture of the rear doors and sheet rock overhead. A good example of the progress made this week




March 15:




A few days later, we installed fiberglass in the walls.









Whereas the walls have fiberglass insulation. The ceilings have cellulose blown in. We sub-contracted this work out to a local crew that does what is called Nuwool.

The steps are to first cover the ceiling with either sheet rock (which we did some) or a mesh or Tyvek. The mesh is used where sheet rock will be installed, the Tyvek is used where wood will be installed.

After the ceiling is covered with mesh, sheet rock or Tyvek, they then blow the cellulose in each rafter cavity. It's messy, dusty work and I was pleased to sub-contract this work out.

In the left picture, if you look closely, you can see a guy standing on a beam blowing in Nuwood in the ceiling.

The picture below is after the ceiling was done. Notice the cellulose budging from the mesh in the upper part of the ceiling. Also notice it lying on the beams. The shop vac worked overtime cleaning up this mess!




March 17:

Below is a picture taken the morning we left to travel to New England to visit our 12th grandchild.

And these are her hands:





Building a house is fun, but visiting grand kids and family are more fun and it doesn't hurt you back!