Building Pictures - December, 2005


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Various December pictures:



The first two weeks of December brought evenings as cold as 8 to 15 degrees and days in the 20's (if we're lucky).











My stepson, Eric, provides some of the help in working to get the floor ready for pouring the cement.








About five years ago, Rita and I had the bright idea to plant some Christmas trees on the property. We planted 12 five years ago, then 12 the next year and 12 the year after that.

If one thinks growing Christmas trees is just as simple as planting them and waiting for them to grow up into nicely shaped trees, they are wrong.

They need to be trimmed, which I deferred to Rita, who now admits it is not as easy as whacking off some branches once a year.

They also need to be protected from deer eating them, which is near impossible.

Some of our our Christmas trees survived whacking and deer eating. However they grew up to look like anything but a Christmas tree. But that doesn't stop Rita. She came up with the idea of using only 1/2 of two trees to decorate the Clay House. We cut off the branches on 1/2 of each tree and put one inside up against the front window. The other 1/2 of a tree went outside on the porch up against the same window. After decorating them, it looks as if there is one tree growing through the window.

The cats love the inside tree



Dec 22

The sunset was just wonderful!



The tracks up the snow hills are the grand kids tracks that we took sledding a few days ago.









Our view from the above picture is reflected in our bedroom window below:



Dec 27:

It may appear like a mess, but actually Doug Lemmon and his team has each tub marked. There is about 5000 feet of tubing that will be laid in the floor.








Dec 31:

Finally, for the past few days we had weather where temperatures are above normal and above freezing. The snow and ice started to melt and it was more comfortable working on the building. The melting on the roof created a beautiful "snow-wave" that hangs from the roof.