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Small business consulting - I can select, apply, and install technology to meet your needs, but I rather teach you how to do it yourself.

Problem solving - I love solving problems. I also like helping you solve them yourself.

I can design web sites and/or development them, but you can do this too.

I believe in using today's technology to solve tomorrow's problems. I would love to teach you how to do that.

My weakness? I am not a good editor. I can't spell, and I rather teach, brainstorm or create than implement or maintain.

Places where I contributed:

Potters' Tour - I am the webmaster for the tour. I also participate in the groups work to make the tour happen. I also make and sell some pottery

Windblown Studio - This is my wife's business. I'm ashamed that I'm responsible for her web site. It's simple and needs attention. It is like the shoe cobbler's child. I also do her accounting, taxes, handyman work, substitute teach and make a pot or two. I work to maintain my potter's novice status.

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